amber navarrete



Born in Minnesota

Studied at The Art Institues Minnesota, Media Arts & Animation, BS, 2001-2005

I'm a video gal through and through. I stumbled into the advertising world when I was still in collage and never left. I got my 'in' at Colle+McVoy and stayed for nearly 8 years. At Colle+McVoy I started out as an intern in the broadcast department and over time developed their first in-house editoral called Cold Cuts. It's still living strong with multiple, talented editors. I then went to space150 and started their first in-house editorial. At space150 I learned a ton about the digital world and the latest and greatest cutting-edge technoloy in advertising. A year later a door opened at Volt Studios and I moved on yet again to experience the vendor side of things. At Volt I've learned a ton about really hi-end broadcast. Not only have I continued to edit and create motion graphics but I've learned a lot about visual effects. The team has to taught me to key, rotoscope, composite, color correct, track and a gabbilion other things that I didn't yet know.


I continue to create video outside of my professional career. I love to work on music videos which you can see on this site. I also shoot and edit a ton of video of my son - more than I'd like to admit. He has a YouTube channel called Eliott TV and I couldn't be more proud. 


My favorite thing about my job is working as a team with talented art directors, designers, writers and colorist, finishers and producers. I love to be a part of the process from conception to completion. I work hard and I play hard. 


The best advice I can give is to never stop learning. 

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